8 comments on “Going for Gold!

  1. You guys are such great competitors! You looked awesome Saturday! Your mom’s tennis team is behind you even though we don’t have your mom with us for our championship this weekend. Big loss for us but we will try and rally and win it for her. Your parents are so proud of you and so am I. Believe you can do it! Good luck sara(h)s

  2. We had a whole crowd watching and rooting you on here….so proud! It is GREAT that you go directly to the finals. We have our alarms set already for the wee hours here in Boston on Wednesday to watch you live. GO SARA!!

  3. You are amazing, Sara! I can’t wait to see you compete in the finals! Good luck!
    From your cousin in Oregon. Go, Sara, go!

  4. Sara – Good Luck!! We are having a live streaming party at the High School tomorrow morning. Everyone in town is so excited. We are all so proud of you!! All the best, Ann and Mark

  5. Sara! An amazing race this morning! I saw you win gold in Bled last summer and was hoping to see a repeat in London. While you don’t have a gold medal around your neck, you and Sarah gave an olympic gold medal effort!! Our family extends our deepest congratulations to you both on a great race this morning and especially on all the effort, hard work, determination, perserverance, sacrifice and heart you’ve given and made since joining the national team. Your memories will last a lifetime and will pave the way for outstaning achievement in the future both on and off the water! Our best wishes always!

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