9 comments on “4th in the World

  1. Sara, you are an inspiration to all, and have made us more proud than you can ever know. I can only hope my girls turn out half as good as their amazing cousin.
    Love, Auntie Jul

  2. Hey Sara….Your rowing partner is from my hometown…her sis Emily was in my daughter’s class at school and Sarah is a year, or two, ahead of my youngest daughter. Sarah’s a great girl, as you know. You ladies were awesome. I know that the finish may not have been what you wanted but as you say….you were unknowns and almost didn’t make the team. But you are Olympians!! That’s something not everyone can say. Medal or not you have something to be proud of. If you two decide to go to Rio you can be sure you will have so many people supporting you, just as they did this time. All of Itasca, well most of Itasca, was following you two. I hope now that your competition is done you have been able to enjoy London or at least some of the other events that are happening. I’ll be looking for the pictures! Have a great time in London…maybe we’ll see you on the Closing Ceremony broadcast.

  3. We all thought that the performance you two turned in was impressive and total from any viewpoint! We are so proud of you! Tim R.

  4. Sara, We are incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments. You are forever an Olympian!
    Love, The Press Family

  5. So glad to hear from you! We’ve been following Sarah’s facebook posts and guessing that you were able to put the race behind you for now! You both look like you are having the time of your lives! To the rest of your world – you both are champions – amazing champions! And we love you! Aunt Elaine

  6. Your perspective on this is as inspiring as your performance last week and over the last few months. Have a great time the next few days. And I know you will come back hungrier and tougher than ever (if the latter is even possible!)

  7. Sara, the Garlicks are so proud of your accomplishments at the Olympics. We watched all of your races and thought you were fantastic. We hope to see you when you come home. Enjoy your vacation! Love, Coach Garlick, Mrs. Garlick, and Colleen

  8. Our family is so proud of you. What an accomplishment to even have made it to the Olympics let alone to come in 4th in the world. You have made the Olympics very exciting for me. I almost felt like I was there. My sister Barb & I watched more of this Olympics than all of the others put together.
    Love, Joan from California

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