USA Rowing in the News

July 19, 2012

Esther Lofgren (W8+) – My First 24 hour in London: Ralph Lauren, the Rowing village, and a Letter

Taylor Ritzel (W8+) – All Settled in: Olympic Rowing Village

Taylor Ritzel (W8+) – Starting Five: Taylor Ritzel

Henrik Rummel (M4-) – Starting Five: Henrik Rummel

July 18, 2012

Elliot Hovey (M4x) – Starting Five: Elliot Hovey

Susan Francia (W8+) – Abington High School alum heading back to the Olympics

Meghan Musnicki (W8+) – Olympic Dreams Realized

Margot Shumway (W2x) – Westlake’s Margot Shumway rowing for Olympic gold amid mom’s battle with cancer

July 17, 2012

Caroline Lind (W8+) – Four More Years

Zach Vlahos (M8+ cox) – Starting Five: Zach Vlahos

July 16, 2012

Esther Lofgren (W8+)  – ’07-’09 Rows for Gold

Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Itasca Rower Headed to Olympics

Kara Kohler (W4x) – Kara Kohler: Dedication Conquers All

Men’s 8+ – Olympic Men’s 8 Rowing Team trains and lives in Bay Area (video)

Men’s Pair – Tom Peszek and Silas Stafford qualify for Olympics after disappointment

July 15, 2012

Glenn Ochal (M4-) – Starting Five: Glenn Ochal

WL2x – Bay Rower Going for Gold (video)

July 14, 2012

Meghan Musnicki (W8+) – For this Rower, the Career can wait video

Kara Kohler (W4x) – London 2012: Kara Kohler, Women’s Rowing, USA

Brett Newlin (M8+) – Riverton Grad to Row in Olympics

July 13, 2012

Robin Prendes (LM4-) – Starting Five: Robin Prendes

Adrienne Martelli (W4x) – Starting Five: Adrienne Martelli

Gevvie Stone (W1x) – Starting Five: Gevvie Stone

Caryn Davies (W8+) – Rower Caryn Davies puts career on hold for Olympics

Mary Whipple (W8+) – Defending Gold with Vegetarian diet and Pre-Race Ritual

July 12, 2012

Meghan Musnicki (W8+) – Starting Five: Meghan Musnicki

Silas Stafford (M2-) – Starting Five: Silas Stafford

Susan Francia (W8+) – Defending Olympic champion

Charlie Cole (M4-) – New Canaan Rower to compete in Olympics

Will Miller (M8+) – Will Miller: Dad in Same Boat

July 11, 2012

Taylor Ritzel (W8+) – Olympic Rower to Compete in Mother’s Memory

Men’s 8+ – Testing and Mike Teti

July 10, 2012

Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Starting Five: Sarah Zelenka

Erin Cafaro (W8+) – CrossFit Works: How an Olympic Rower Trains for London

Grant and Ross James (M8+) – Olympic Rowing a ‘Tall Order’ for DeKalb Twins

Peter Graves (M4x) – LBJC Coach Peter Graves Leaves for London Today

Gevvie Stone (W1x) – Princeton Alumni Weekly: London Calling

Glenn Ochal (M4-) – Princeton Alumni Weekly: London Calling

July 9, 2012

Sara Hendershot (W2-) – Starting Five: Sara Hendershot

Grant James (M8+) – Starting Five: Grant James

July 8, 2012

Natalie Dell (W4x) – Everett Woman Heading to Olympics

July 7, 2012

Ken Jurkowski (M1x) – New Fairfield Olympian to row in London

July 6, 2012

Men’s USA Rowing – Gold-medal Ambitions

Peter Graves (M4x) – CCD Grad Earned Olympic Spot

July 5, 2012

Grant and Ross James (M8+) – As always, twins Grant and Ross James are sticking together again as Olympic rowing team

Zack Vlahos (M8+ cox) – Steering Toward Gold is a Coxswain’s Fine Art

Women’s Rowing – US women’s rowers head medal challenge for London 2012

Susan Francia (W8+) – Tone Your Core Like Olympian Susan Francia

Tom Peszek (M2-) – Starting Five: Tom Peszek

July 4, 2012

Sarah Trowbridge (W2x) – Five Questions: Sarah Trowbridge

Nick LaCava (LM4-) – Making Olympics a Sweet Treat for Rower LaCava

Gevvie Stone (W1x) – NBC Spotlight: Gevvie Stone

July 2, 2012

Susan Francia (W8+) – 25 Olympic Athletes to Follow on Twitter This Summer

Silas Stafford (M2-) – Silas Stafford Realizes Olympic Dream

Ross and Grant James (M8+) – Wisconsin Continues String of Olympic Rowers

July 1, 2012

Sara Hendershot (W2-) – Simsbury’s Sara Hendershot Rows Way to Olympics

June 30, 2012

Megan Kalmoe (W4x) – For Olympic Rower Megan Kalmoe, Bigger Boat and Higher Aspirations

Taylor Ritzel (W8+) – Q&A with American Rower, Taylor Ritzel

June 29, 2012

Kara Kohler (W4x), Erin Cafaro (W8+), Julie Nichols (LW2x) – Cafaro, Kohler, and Nichols All London Bound

Esther Lofgren (W8+) – Lofgren’s Road From Newport to London

June 28, 2012

Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Olympic Rower Got Start at GVSU

Sara Hendershot and Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Two Sara(h)s Make U.S. Olympic Rowing Team

June 27, 2012

Mary Whipple (W8+) – Mary Whipple Leads Women’s Eight to Medal Contention

June 26, 2012

Princeton Rowers – Princeton’s Own: The 2012 Olympic Rowing Team

June 25, 2012

Susan Francia (W8+) – U.S. Women’s Eight to Sport Familiar Roster (video)

June 21, 2012

Sara Hendershot (W2-) – Simsbury Native to Compete in 2012 Summer Olympics

June 20, 2012

Mary Whipple (W8+) – How to Cox (video)

Caroline Lind (W8+) – Visualizing the Perfect Race (video)

Sara Hendershot (W2-) – Olympic Profile: Sara Hendershot (video)

June 15, 2012

Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Ex-Grand Valley State Rower Sarah Zelenka Qualifies for Olympic Summer Games in London

Sara Hendershot and Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Olympic Trials: Off the Script

Sara Hendershot and Sarah Zelenka (W2-) – Sarah Zelenka and Sara Hendershot Qualify for 2012 Olympics on W2- (video)


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